Thursday, May 31, 2012


May has been a fun adventure. We had preschool graduation and I found out that I had and took meds to get over bronchitis and a sinus infection. But mostly the things in my brain have been:

  1. RPGs: Chris is a game master of legend. He taught me that even though it's not just 'let's play pretend' (which I love), role-playing is a lot of fun! Making a character and playing through a story is....fabulous. We have two campaigns right now:

    1. Dirge of the Dragon: Chris' made this vampire the requiem story because J and I love vampires, and after watching vampire diaries of his own free will (I didn't even suggest it to him, just watch with my sisters) he was in a vampire mood. When J and I didn't hop on the rpg band-wagon fast enough he opened up the story to his brothers and friends which became Dave, Brett, Jessa, Dan, and Robbie. Got big fast. Then J and I started playing (from a very different place and time) and it's been interesting. Sadly, many players weren't able to come to sessions and it started to die... but some of us wanted to play all the time (I was so into it already, I bought new matching d10s, I made a binder to keep track of all the character sheets and copies (so we always have them) was taking notes of the campaign as it occured for the adventure log, found pics of all the npcs, kept track of all the pictures of each character as well as their backstory...etc etc) so Chris made a new game for me and Jessa (and Brett came along for the ride)
    2. Not Yet Titled: This heavy gear game is still untitled, but I'm obsessed with it already! I get to play "Lil" short for Lilyanne, a 15 yr old engineer. I loved creating her! We're a band of badlander pirates? kinda? We're like...marauders? I'm not entirely sure how to describe us. hahaha. Jessa plays Dallas- the trigger happy, smoking hot, bada... 28 yr old (picture Milla Jovovich in the deserty Resident Evil...) and Brett's Winston, the jack of all trades who completes our little band.. We've only played 2 long sessions, but I love our characters. Here are my two favorite pics of my character: (I don't own these, just found them on the internets, yay deviantart)      and  
  2. My Book!: Instead of blogging like I kept meaning to this past month, I wrote a 100 page book! It's a resource book of summer activities for kids! I called it (not super imaginative, but whatever) Emily's Epic Summer Book (subtitled: Fun Activities For Children). It's been a HUGE project, but now that it's done (minus proofreading and a few changes and edits here and there) I don't have to plan lessons for the summer ever again! YAY!
  3. Web-shows!: Oh! I've fallen in love with and When Felicia Day said she was 100 blacksmithing in Skyrim (just like me!) on the Flog, I practically exploded from happiness! "Do you have any ingots?" HAHAHA! And the Steampunk dress up day...I WANT!
Now I find myself in summer schedule for work(less hours woohoo, and in the afternoon so I get to see my hubby more), with free time due to not needing to plan lessons, and excited to use our pass of all passes, go to the pool, play with my honey, go on vacations, see my friend Tyler who's coming home from his mission next week, go to Moab, enjoy more web-shows, and play lots of stories (yay stories!)! Here we go summer! :D I'm just going to relax and enjoy all the... joy!!!


Dana Williams said...

Great to catch up with you. Looks like you are doing great. Congrats on the lesson planning...that is huge!

Maggie said...

Waah! This post is awesome!

I miss RPGs so very much now ... >.< It's all your fault! Heh. ;) Glad to find out I have more friends who like role-playing. So lucky, to have a "game master of legend" for a hubby.

I bet the kids are loving your activities. You're so creative!