Saturday, March 17, 2012


Not quite so exciting... but not close to empty! In looking back I can only think of three quick things that happened in March. (well, besides jake's b-day, but that's for mom's blog. :)) First, I found that I absolutely love Skyrim. (that may have been earlier, I'm not quite 100% on when...) but here's me:
Yes, I'm playing Skyrim. I love stories, what do you expect? Plus... making armor and jewelry and potions is fun! Chris will go on the quests, and I sell the stuff he brings back, save money, make armor and other stuff to sell, trade, make more stuff, make sure he's all nice and unloaded for the next quest. hehe. But I love to veg and play...hehehe. 
Thing two was that I went on a work retreat that was fun, and...
Three: when I came back we got all greened up and went to fat cats for digi-date night. It was fun bowling and being all green. 
Then Chris told me that he had a surprise for me for my birthday, but that in the spirit of the holiday he wanted to tell me ahead of time so I could plan and be excited.
He had tickets to go see Celtic Woman! YAY!

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Maggie said...

Hahah, I love the pic of you vegging and playing Skyrim.

Hey, a friend of mine just introduced me to Celtic Women (though I think I had actually heard some of their songs before), so now I'm feeling belated jealousy that you get to go see them. Hope it was awesome! XD